This project was a rich and rewarding experience that will be remembered by all for a long time. We plan to host a Warming the Hearts event annually. Our families LOVED it.

Yolanda P.
Hawken School

After learning about Ashley's project, we decided to make blankets as one of our community service projects. The girls had a wonderful time and were really able to experience the spirit of giving to others. It really was a heart warming experience!

Robin K.
Nordonia Hills Indian Maidens

Warming the Hearts was a wonderful service project for my students! It warmed my heart to watch these 7-8 years-old tying knots, writing cards, and working together to help others. I plan on making this an annual event for my grade level!

Melissa B.
Boulevard Elementary
(Second Grade classes)

I can't tell how much fun it was not only to get people together for the good of making some child happy or feeling warm, but knowing that the children would have these blankets to hang onto during their hospital stay.

Chrissy, Mary and Liz H.

We loved getting involved with Karen and Ashley on the project. Ashley was so fun to be with, she is a remarkable young lady. I highly recommend getting involved with Warming the Hearts, so you too can feel the pleasure of knowing that you can make a difference in some child's life. It is in giving that we get back the most!

Chrissy, Mary and Liz H.

My girl scout troop was so glad to be able to help out with this project. Everyone pitched in and had a great time helping. The girls in my troop left with a greater awareness of the needs of others and how important service is. Ashley is doing great things!.

Marcia P.
Troop Leader
Girl Scout Troop 104

After helping with the fundraising event at the Great Lakes Mall, I was overwhelmed by the people, young and old, who contributed so generously to Warming the Hearts. Each seemed to have their own story to tell and were more than willing to make a donation.

Cyndi W.

Ashley, at such a tender age, already knows the joy of giving. Not only does she share her generosity with all she meets, she challenges them to join her in the process of bringing comfort to others. She is a special blessing to each one of us.

Patt H.

We are truly amazed that a ten-year old child could bring people together as Ashley has. Ashley, you have warmed our hearts with your project.

Tom B.
Villa Marin

We were proud to support Warming the Hearts by donating all the bags to package the blankets. We are very proud of Ashley and all her efforts. Keep up the great work.

Premier Dry Cleaning

For the past 2 years, my two sons have experienced the joy of giving through the Warming the Hearts project. Last year was very special for our family, when my boys delivered blankets to their sister and her friends at Deepwood. It really touched my heart for my boys to have the connection with there sister and to see how much it meant to her and her friends.

Stacie T.

When I heard about Warming the Hearts I immediately thought of my own kids and how they each have their own blankets to keep their hearts warm. I felt great donating to Warming the Hearts because every child, especially sick children, should feel warm and secure.

Matt S.

Ashley's story was refreshing to hear and a great example of the good in our young people. She is a thoughtful and caring girl whose spirit and dedication has truly warmed our hearts and many, many more!

Rachel D.
Director, County Kids

I was impressed by Ashley's drive and her commitment to other children. The program has helped far more children than first envisioned by a youngster that knew first-hand what a hospital stay could be like. She is a very special young lady with a unique understanding of service to others.

Larece G.
Editor, The News-Herald